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In our Football Academy, players will learn the skills that will help them to thrive in their grassroots teams. We work to ensure that all players are confident on the ball with the aim of helping them to become 1v1 dominant.

Our Football Sessions

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Hunt Your Goals Sports and Fitness is an organisation that offers sports coaching to children aged 5 to 16 and adults across the Peterborough area.

Our Football Academy offers professional football coaching from experienced and qualified coaches. Paul the founder has been playing and coaching football to a high standard for a number of years. He is also a qualified personal trainer and is currently training as a Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach.

We believe that as well as being fun, our football sessions should teach lessons that are valuable both on and off the pitch. 

What We Do

Training consists of weekly sessions throughout the year. We do not run grassroots teams and so we can focus on improving the individual player. This approach allows us to concentrate on exactly what each person needs in order to develop.

We do however have links to grassroots football and can offer a pathway into a team for less experienced or unattached players – meaning we cater for all abilities.

Much of our sessions are dedicated to becoming 1v1 dominant and so each player will receive lots of touches of the ball in an opposed practice environment, meaning realistic footballing scenarios which will transfer directly onto the pitch when match day comes.

We promote a player centred environment meaning that the players individual needs are the most important thing.

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Current Classes

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Under 7’s and 8’s – 

Under 9’s and 10’s

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We are active across social media. More than just a football club we run various sports sessions aimed at both children and adults.

We look to improve lives through sport and offer additional resources to support people on their health and fitness journey.

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